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Center Overview

Radiology &Imaging department is equipped with modern diagnostic tools including Whole body MRI, Spiral CT scan, Ultrasound scan, Digital X-rays and special radiological and interventional procedures.


  • 1.5 Tesla MRI (GE,BRIVO-355)
  • Special CT Scan (TOSHIBA ASTEON)
  • Colour Doppler
  • 3D/4D Ultrasound (GE VOLUSON)
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Mammography
  • Angiography
  • Fluoroscopy


  • Ultrasound/Colour Doppler

    Ultrasound scan is a non-radiation scan of the body using high frequency sound waves. Parts usually examined are abdomen, Thyroid, Breast, Superficial parts of body and for evaluation of pregnant patient where direct visualization of baby is possible in real time. Doppler is a modification of colour Doppler which assess blood flow in various structures. 3D/4D scan usually used for evaluation of fetuses in uterus which allow a three dimensional life-like image of the baby.

    Preparation: All emergency studies need no preparation. Bladder should be full for all patients undergoing an abdominal examination except in late pregnancy. Fasting state is desired for patients evaluating for Gall bladder and liver disease. Parts like thyroid, breast, extremities, Doppler need no preparation.

  • Spiral CT Scan

    Whole body spiral CT scan of body can be performed for any part of body. Routine CT includes Head, Neck, Paranasal sinuses (PNS), Chest, Abdomen, KUB and Extremities. Special CT studies include HRCT of Chest, HRCT Temporal bone, Vascular Studies, Triphasic CT of Liver, CT Guided Aspirations and Biopsies.

    Preparation: All emergency and non-contrast studies need no preparation. Minimum of four hours fasting is necessary for most contrast CT scans procedures. Oral contrast may be used for patient undergoing CT Abdomen which has to be started 2 hours prior to CT study the need and safety by the radiologist.

  • MRI

    All Routine MRI examinations like Brain, Spine, Joints, Chest, and Abdomen can be performed with precision and high quality using special coils in a state-of the art 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner. Unlike most of the radiology equipments this does not utilize ionizing radiation for providing high quality images. This system also facilitates angiography of neck, brain and other vessels without the injection of dye. Special procedures include MR Angiography, MR Venography, MRCP, Spectroscopy.

    Preparation: Most patients with MRI need no preparation. Patient needing contrast studies are advised to be fasting for 4 hours. For MRCP 12-14 hours complete fasting is required. All metallic implants in the body, Cochlear implants, Pacemakers are dangerous (contra indication) for MRI and should be disclosed to the technologist before entering to MRI room and shall be re evaluated about the need and safety by the radiologist.

  • Mammography

    This is an x-ray based method of evaluating the breast. Breast cancer is one of the highest occurring cancers in women. It is estimated that one out of every ten women would have breast cancer in their lifetime. We judiciously use a combination of sono-mammography and mammography at no extra cost for a complete evaluation of the breast and to pick up non palpable cancer. Mammography study and sono-mammography need no preparation.

  • Flouroscopy

    This is real time visualization of various structures like bones, kidney stones using x-rays .It is used mainly in assisting surgeries and immediate post operative evaluation.

  • Digital X-rays

    High quality digital X-rays of different parts of the body can be performed and images can be stored in digital format. Most commonly these are of the Chest, Abdomen, KUB (Kidneys, Ureter and Bladder), Spine and different bones and joints.

    Preparation: For spine and KUB x-rays, it is necessary to have the bowel clean and so bowel cleansing medicines need to be taken the previous night as advised by their clinician and the patient should come fasting. All barium studies and studies involving contrast material should be fasting. An appointment should be made for such studies.

  • Angiography

    This is an x-ray based method of evaluating the blood vessels, heart and blood flow. It may be used for diagnosis and specific treatment of various diseases.

Patient Preparation

In house doctors will advise the patient regarding the working time, duration of time and expected time of report delivery. Visiting patients to the department shall obtain basic information from the reception and the concerned department. Certain radiological procedures need specific preparation for better evaluation and to avoid complications. All patients are advised to provide all known necessary details about their illness and bring all relevant investigations including X-rays, CT scan and lab reports and their clinical card. This is necessary for better planning, evaluation of report and to ensure prompt right treatment for your illness.

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