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Center Overview

The Department of urology in our hospital has state of art equipment, and offers both non-invasive and minimally invasive, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The department is managed by a team consisting of board certified Urologists, Anesthetists, specially trained urology nurses and other staff.


  • Renal (Kidney) Stones

    Most of the kidney stones can now be treated in our hospital either WITHOUT incision (cut) or with a small incision. We offer ESWL (extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy) for small kidney stones. This is a totally non-invasive treatment which can be done on an Out-patient basis. We also have the facility of PCNL (Percutaneous Nephro-lithotomy) for larger kidney stones. This is a KEY HOLE surgery where a small cut is made in the back after anesthesia. Then we create a tunnel directly into the kidney and stone is removed. This is a very safe and universally accepted procedure for kidney stones. The Patient experiences very little pain, can go home after 3 days and can return back to work early in contrast to open surgery where the patient has to wait for at least a month before going back to work. In Guyana, ONLY our hospital is offering this facility.

  • Ureteric Stones

    We offer endoscopic treatment for all forms of urinary stones, which are minimally invasive. This includes Ureterorenoscopy for lower ureteric stones and Cystolithotripsy for bladder stones. With both these procedures, patients can be treated without any cut on the body and patient can go home the same day or latest the next day.

  • Urological Malignancy (Cancers)

    We offer complete treatment for all the urological malignancies. We are performing endoscopic surgeries for bladder cancer along with conventional open surgeries. We also offer complete treatment for kidney cancer, penile cancer, prostatic cancer and testicular cancer. We also routinely treat genital warts and penile warts.

  • Andrology, Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction

    We offer complete evaluation and treatment for patients with infertility and other andrological diseases. We offer complete evaluation for patients with reduced or absent sperms and have the facility to treat it with medicine/surgery. We also regularly treat patients with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.

  • Other Urological Conditions

    We have the facilities to treat congenital urological defects like pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction, undescended testis etc. We also routinely perform CIRCUMCISION in children.


Our urology department in collaboration with radiology department can perform all the diagnostic tests required for diagnosis of stone (renal/ ureteric) disease, malignancy, urethral and ureteric injury and strictures, vesico-vaginal and uretero- vaginal fistula, voiding dysfunction and infertility. We offer ultrasonography with or without Doppler, all radiology studies like intravenous pyelography, cystourethrogram, retrograde urethrogram and retrograde pyelogram. We have the facilities for uroflowmetry for voiding dysfunction. We also offer complete endoscopic evaluation in form of cystoscopy and Ureteroscopy if indicated. Our laboratory offers COMPLETE EVALUATION FOR INFERTILITY including semen analysis and hormonal profiles. Our lab also offers PSA (both total and free)which is an important tool for DIAGNOSIS OF EARLY PROSTATE CANCER in men over 50 years of age.

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